Tuesday, October 2, 2012

On family vacation in Malta

I have not disappeared, spent most of the previous week in a family vacation in Malta.   Malta is a small country consists of several islands in the  Mediterranean sea  The climate is similar to the one we have in Israel.  The local language is also a Semitic language like Hebrew, it is actually a descendant of the Arabic language mostly. Like any other Mediterranean people - they are nice, friendly, and take their time.  We lived 5 minutes walk from the capital city of Valletta, which is a small city surrounded by walls and looks somewhat similar to the old city of Jerusalem.  In the evening it looks like a deserted place, nobody is walking in the street, and besides a few restaurants it looks like a ghost town. 

Some highlights:
There is a prehistoric site which has limited visitation (10 per hours), we made reservation 2 months ahead to get inside. 
Malta is a catholic country, and have a lot of ancient churches, we have visited some of them. 
We decided to rely on public transportation, which is cheap but time consuming, some of the lines have low frequency --- not really a good choice.
We took a day trip to Gozo, the northern island which has nice beaches.  
The Maltese people like to celebrate - we have watched too separate celebrations, one of them in the honor of the national fish, called Lampuki,   the other in Valleta  is the Valleta white night.  I am not sure what the celebration is about, but it was crowded and noisy, which is a contrast to the regular silent in Valleta.
Hope that my daughters will post pictures on Facebook soon. 

In general:  nice place for vacation.
I'll continue with professional blogging, hopefully tomorrow.

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