Monday, January 28, 2013

Event model - the next frontier

I am writing this time from Falls Church, Virginia.  Where I arrived yesterday for a business trip in the Washington DC area, and then in Toronto.   So far I was not affected by the weather, but we'll see what happens later in the week.     

The slides above is an old slide which I used seven years ago to show the relationships of events and the rest of the universe.   I was reminded on that when reading a new article by David Luckham and Roy Schulte entitled "Why companies should develop event models?".    In this article they explain the motivation and provide a high level methodology to build event model.     Following what I recently written about "event oriented thinking",  it seems that the major obstacle to adoption of event-driven systems is the ability of people to think in event-driven way and not in the traditional request-driven way.   Being able to create event model and relate it to enterprise computing modeling is an essential step.    This is the direction I am working on these days (very much in the direction that Luckham and Schulte indicate), and will surely write more about it in the sequel. 

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