Saturday, January 26, 2013

On airport events

Tomorrow I am planned to visit three airports,  starting from Ben-Gurion airport near Tel-Aviv to takeoff from Israel, moving through Frankfurt airport in Germany for connection (hopefully no serious delays, it seems to be snowing in Frankfurt),  and ending in the Dulles airport near Washington DC.   I have reported in this Blog in the past on several flights related events, most recently - getting back from DEBS 2012 in Berlin 49 hours later than planned.   Airports are full of events,  and it was interesting to read Pedro Garcia blogging about  event processing as part of airport management system.    In an airport there are many events related to flights, luggage, strikes, weather and more.    The events that Pedro relates are both event that happened and predicted events (flight delay can be predicted).    While some of the delays are force major, others are certainly created by people (I have plenty of stories about human inflicted events).   Improvement of flight management, as well as improvement of luggage handling systems, can be very helpful.

It is also interesting to note that the system is based on the architecture we presented in the EPIA book, which is explicitly mentioned.  Always good to see that our work is useful to somebody :-). 

Hoping for uneventful flights (have several more flights during the coming week). 

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