Wednesday, April 17, 2013

DEBS 2013 - keynotes and tutorials were published

DEBS 2013 will take place in the campus of the University of Texas Arlington, in June 29- July 3.
Today the keynotes and tutorials were published on the conference's website:

The keynote speakers this time will be: Roger Barga from Microsoft, one of the first persons in Microsoft Research who worked on event processing, and crossed the line to the product organization and deals now with product management.  Roger will talk about "the rise of the velocity pipeline in enterprise computing" that will focus on the velocity part of big data that makes batch solutions like Hadoop as inadequate.
The second keynote speaker is David Wollman who manage the smart grids standard activities in  NIST  will talk about smart grids.

There will be four tutorials - all of them of known people active in the area.
The first one will be given by my IBM colleagues from the System S team who will talk about "stream processing optimizations".  
The second one will be given by Christoph Emmersberger  an Florian Springer (both of them I know from their past association with Rainer von Ammon), who will talk about the event processing capabilities of Apache Camel.
The third one will also be given in German accent, by Boris Koldehofe and  Frank Dürr from University of Stuttgart. They will talk about "Software defined networks".
Last -- keeping the tradition, I'll be giving a tutorial this year also, this time together with Jeff Adkins, on a topic that we are both dealing - "why is event driven thinking different from regular thinking about computing". I'll write about this tutorial at a later phase (well, we have to prepare it first), meanwhile you can read the short abstract on the site.  Hope to meet old friends and colleagues in Arlington.   
More - later.

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