Thursday, April 18, 2013

Progress Apama announces a version which compiles to native machine code

Progress Software announced today on the release of a new version that compiles the Apama EPL into native machine code, claiming to improve the performance of the previous version by 2000%.   They don't mention what they actually measure.   The big data era renews the investment in scalable event processing solutions with various ways of optimizations.   We may start to see specialized event processing hardware. 
I think that it will be useful to establish a set of benchmarks, since it was seen in some works that there are huge differences in performance between types of event processing application - for example: those doing mainly filtering, those doing mainly aggregations, and those doing pattern matching.  It will be good to have a set of benchmarks that fit different types of applications, and a method to map application characteristics to a specific benchmark - to avoid the phenomenon that vendors cite numbers that cannot be compared.  More -later. 

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woolfel said...

It's always funny to see PR blurbs claiming huge performance gains without any tangible details. Maybe the old release was so slow that the new versions looks super fast. Then again, there's no details, so it announcement means nothing.