Saturday, October 26, 2013

On events in multimedia research

Back at home -- I promised to provide some summary of impression from the events in multimedia workshop I attended earlier this week.    Meanwhile some of the presentation have been uploaded to the workshop website, as well as some pictures.    I recommend to view the presentation of  Ansgar Shcerp, it is the most interesting one (to me). 

I was not familiar with the multimedia research until being invited to this conference to have a dialogue with them.  My impression is that what they are doing is complementary to what we do in the event processing universe.   We assume that events exist and we need to process them, they start from pictures and video streams and try to detect what event is described in the picture, they care less about what somebody does with the event after being detected.    They have long discussions about "what is an event",  events that they have talked about in some talks are social events, sport events etc.   I think that a synergy between different communities who deal with different phases of the event processing story is vital in order to exploit events that come from multimedia sources, and will continue the dialogue with them/.  

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