Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Workshop on event-based media integration and processing - the first day

This is the logo of the ACM multimedia 2013 conference that is taking place these days in Barcelona.
Co-located with this conference (we share the coffee in the coffee break) is the event-based media workshop which I am attending.  My talk is planned for today, so yesterday I was just a listener in the first day.   Here are some impressions:
The most interesting talk was the one by Ramesh Jain,  who is working on events in multimedia for a while.
Ramesh talked about cybernetics in society, and about smart systems defined as smart actions in respond to smartly detected situations.   He also talked about social networks and the Maslow's hierarchy of needs

Ramesh said that the social media concentrates on the third and fours layer - love/belonging and esteem,and posed as a challenge to get more focused on the basic needs - the two lower layers.  
Ramesh also talked about the 4V of big data,  Saying that the volume is the least important one -- as there are methods to partition the space, but the other three actually issue -- event processing in multimedia under uncertainty.  Ramesh mentioned  the Israeli company Waze (recently acquired by Google) as example of a smart social system.  

Some of the other talks concentrated about analysis of pictures that are put on social networks and try to identify the event they are describing, first see if they describe an event, and then identify the event - talking about sport events, public events, family events and more.   It is funny, since some of the event definitions view event as instantaneous occurrence - and then a sport event (say football game) is not an event since it takes (net) 90 minutes.  I guess that there are different views of events -- I'll mention it in my talk today.


Rainer von Ammon said...

My goodness! I guess you are at the wrong event:-) They don't have a clue how "event" is defined and what is a complex event, what is event hierarchy, event enrichment, event correlation, ... all the stuff of the glossary and your books:-( You should mention this today. Anyway, Barcelona is a nice location, though I wasn't there anymore since around 30 years. Tell me your impressions!

Opher Etzion said...

Hi Rainer - some of them actually are familiar with my work, that is the reason they invited me :-).
I'll write more about the closing panel where we had interesting discussion.