Saturday, October 19, 2013

There is no Internet of Things - (yet?)

"There is no Internet of Things", this is a title of a promotion for a recent Forrester report.  The report has one more word in its title -- "yet".   The (right) claim is that while there are a lot of sensors, mobile devices, wearable computing devices and vision about "Internet of Things",  and recently "Internet of everything", the vision was not fulfilled yet, and the world of sensors is still very fragmented.   
What made the (current) Internet successful is a combination of standard protocols, the ease of creating content, and the ease of retrieving its content with the combination of web browsers and search engines.  
In order for the Internet of Things to become "Internet" - there is a need to make it much simpler and standard oriented.  Imagine that in the current Internet the retrieval from the Internet would have required everybody to write SQL queries --  do you think that the Internet  would have become pervasive?
What is the equivalent?  --  standard and simple way to perform the functionality of IoT.   I'll be able to report about our related work  in a few weeks -- stay tuned. 

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