Monday, October 14, 2013

Start of a new semseter and upcoming talks

I have not written recently -- some due to a short vacation (in Paris), and some due to seasonal laziness.. 
In any event - this week the semester started in Israel, and I am giving an Event Processing course again at the Technion, this time I am doing some change in the course.   The course is still based on the EPIA book,  but I am updating now to teach event processing through a model-based approach, which corresponds to the project we are working on recently.  We are going to do first public exposure of this work in ER 2013 in Hong-Kong.  I'll write about it later.  
Next week, I am giving keynote talk in an event oriented workshop co-located with ACM Multimedia 2013.  in which I'll talk about the semantics and modeling of situations and contexts.   Both talks will become public after they are given.   

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Tom said...

There is a new term coined:
Entity-centric event series analytics

Do you think it is the same as CEP and event processing. Should it be part of the EP glossary?