Wednesday, July 9, 2008

On the multiple types of patterns in event processing

The red arrow in the map shows where I am now - in Kaufbeuren, a town in the south-west corner on Bavaria. I have arrived last night by train, and it has been a challenge to find a place to eat in 9PM, but with a few minutes of search I have found it. I am on the way to the patterns conference, in which we have a working group to establish a partnership towards EU project proposal. Thus, I would like to write a few lines about patterns. In my DEBS 2008 tutorial I have used the following slide:

In this slide there are four possible meanings for patterns in event processing:
(1). Patterns in the sense of functions that event processing application may perform (e.g. enrich, route, transform, filter, detect pattern).
(2). Patterns that are detected on the history of events (note that "detect pattern" is just one of the patterns of the first type, but the support of this pattern is what makes it CEP).
(3). Patterns in the user's domain - the way things are presented to the user (which may not be translated 1-1 to an implementation pattern)
(4). Patterns in the software engineering sense - best practices of how to use some language / product / technology.
All of the four are interesting and also have some dependencies, my tutorial has concentrated mainly on patterns of type (2), I have written about type (1) a lot in the past -- types (3) and (4) are frontiers that need to be conquered. More - Later.

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