Thursday, July 10, 2008

On EuroPLoP and Event Processing Patterns

This is Kloster Irsee in Germany, where the EuroPLoP conference is held. The conference itself is held in kind of an opposite way to other conferences, in a regular conference, the author of a paper presents, in this conference, the author of a paper hears other criticizing his paper, and does not talk. It also have some other properties -- some of the sessions are held in room which the chairs have been taken out, so people are sitting on the floor, or standing, there are also games embedded in the program --- my daughter would have said if she was here that there is a bunch of nerd children trying to behave in a cool fashion - well... anyway, we came here to combine work on creating a consortium for EU project and having a three hours "focused group" inside the conference, organized and moderated by Adrian Paschke. The audience was mixed - some were the EP gang, those who came to work on the EU project, and some where regular participants in the conference. The various interpretations of patterns related to EP have been discussed, and the need to advance in all of them. This is directly related to my tutorial in DEBS 2008, there is now work in progress on a pattern meta-language that we are doing in IBM, in a few weeks I'll tell you more about it - stay tuned.
More about my tutorial in DEBS 2008 - Paul Vincent from TIBCO has taken a picture of a slide that I've presented with different computer (due to some unclear technical problem) with probably different character set (Paul also blogged about this slide) - in footnote 1. Paul has been kind enough to send me the picture - so here it is, you may see some unknown characters...

More about patterns - soon.

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