Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dagstuhl seminar on event processing - the first day

It is evening here in Schloss Dagstuhl, the castle that you can see in the picture above. My room is on the ground floor of the part of the building in the left-hand side of the picture. This seminar organized by Rainer von Ammon, Mani Chandy and myself, is a five days event, and we just finished the first one, during the day I lost my voice for about an hour, and regained it by eating ice-cream. In this seminar we are working in five sessions, you can see this presentation includes the outline of what we are doing in the opening session and the one slide that every participant (well - almost, a few have not sent the slides) put about himself/herself.
Besides the opening session we have done the first meeting of each of the five groups, and had initial discussion about them. Tomorrow -- two breakout sessions and two deep dives. One of the things we started to discuss and we'll finish this discussion later this week is ---- looking in the future five years from now - how can we measure the success of this seminar to change the world --- more about it later.

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