Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dagstuhl seminar on event processing - the third day

The third day in a Dagstuhl seminar traditionally has half day of trip outside the castle, this time we have traveled to a place called Metllach seen in the picture, we have sailed in a boat on the Saar river, and saw this island, and also went to a place from which we could view this island from the hill above, we also traveled to a winery and tasted six kinds of wine and heard long explanations (in German) about these wines.

In the morning we had one more breakout session, and a deep dive into topic 2: what are the functions of event processing (including non-functional function), though for some there was difference of opinions whether it is functional or non-functional (e.g. provenance).

There are discussions about the boundaries of event processing: are "actions" internal or external to event processing: they seem to be external, but for provenance and retraction, the event processing system should be aware of them. The team also identified a collection of topics that require further research, here is the list:

  • Use of EP to predict (anticipate) problems
  • Use of predictions (e.g. from simulations) in EP
  • Complex actions
  • Action processing as the converse of event processing
  • Decomposition of complex actions with time constraints
  • Goal directed reaction
  • Adaptive planning
  • Implicit validation
  • Function placement and optimization
  • Real-time machine generated specification
  • Compensation and Retraction
  • Privacy and Security
  • Probabilistic events
  • Provenance
I'll write more about future research topics. Today we finish the deep dives and starting to wrap-up, determine the structure and schedule of the final document, and move to discuss the most important stuff -- what we want to achieve, what are the follow-ups, and what will be the follow-up actions?

There is another Dagstuhl tradition - to take a group picture, always in the same place, on the stairs of the castle's old church:

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