Friday, May 21, 2010

Dagstuhl seminar on event processing - the fourth day

Packing and about to leave the spartan room in the Dagstuhl Schloss towards the last session. Today at noon the Dagstuhl seminar will be over, and the easier part of the mission will be complete, now we'll have to finish the document and devise the follow-up action items and mechanism to track them. I'll summarize the seminar later-- yesterday there were deep dives on standards and on the issue of relations between event processing to other areas and disciplines. We also had evening session with Alex Buchmann as moderator, about the question -- whether "event processing" has become a research community, is the flagship conference of the community DEBS succeeding, and how we would like to evolve it? should we do ACM SIG and when? should we have a publication like Sigmod Record and when? should we have an academic journal and when? it seems that we are on track, still need to recruit more people whose participation can gain DEBS a status of top conference that don't send paper to DEBS since they are sending just to top conferences, so it is a chicken and egg issue, and we have a challenge to reach out to adjacent communities. We'll take it into account when designing DEBS 2011.

More -later.

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