Saturday, June 26, 2010

Event Processing in Action - Last mile

This is the image from Amazon, which already reports on some selling of the EPIA (every day its sales ranking is changed). The book will be out in print sometimes in July (more towards the end of July I think). We are now in the last mile, the graphical editor works on redoing many of our figures in a more professional way. Yesterday there has been a new version of the book for the MEAP subscribers, so those of you who subscribed should have received a link to download it. This is the last version of MEAP, next version will be the final e-book. Like computerized systems, books can be improved forever, and I already have a (short) list of possible improvements for the next version (if there will be a next version), but at some point one needs to freeze and let the book be born. Some people have already written reviews on their Blogs:
Marco Sierio - recently and in the past and Hans Gilde in his first and second reviews. Looking in Google, I found that somebody has put it as a reference to the "Complex Event Processing" value in Wikipedia. When the book will be out there will probably be more reviews. The book also has a website hosted by EPTS that includes six implementations to the application example that accompanies the book (no login is needed to access it). More implementations are expected to be added. More -later.

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