Monday, June 21, 2010

On students' projects in the event processing course

The semester has come to its end, and the event processing course in the Technion had the last meeting today; the students still has to finish the projects, and they have some time to do it, but today they have presented a preview of the project, here is a brief summary. They were given a choice to do research oriented project or implementation oriented project, those who chose implementation oriented project got some directions on the size (quantities of consumers, producers, patterns, aggregations, filters etc...), and could chose both the application they want to work on (and they'll have to test it with simulated data) and the tool they use in order to implement.

There are five teams:

  • Team no. 1 -- chose to work on a research problem of interval-oriented event processing and defined a collection of operators and patterns required to support interval oriented.

The rest of the teams chose implementation projects:

  • Team no. 2 -- chose to work on "smart traffic control", simulating traffic lights, traffic jams, accidents and events like concerts etc... They decided to hard-code their application in Java, since they know Java well, and it is more fun doing it this way :-).
  • Team no. 3 - chose to work on "smart home" and mainly concentrate on the security aspect of home automation, they are also Java fans, but chose to use Esper in conjunction with Java.
  • Team no. 4 -- chose to work on control of people who are abusing chat rooms in various ways (like using dirty words), and managing complains. They have chose to work in Streambase, and done all implementation (so far) using the graphical tool of Streambase. We again see that some people like graphical programming and some people prefer old-style imperative programming.
  • Team no. 5 -- chose to work on tracking bus driver performance, both for safety issues (speed), and accuracy (skipping bus stations). They have organized late, so have not started the implementation phase yet, but they said that they wish to do the project using Apama.

The projects are due in August, and then I'll write more, if I'll have any interesting insights.

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