Thursday, June 24, 2010

On high availability in event processing applications

In the EPIA book (now due to be available in late July), we have a discussion about non-functional requirements of event processing applications. There is a variety of such requirements, and different applications require different set of requirements. One of the common requirements we seen nowadays is high availability. Recently an article describing building high availability in Websphere Business Events using IBM middleware was published in IBM developerWorks. This article was written by Chris Ahrendt, who has been until recently working in IBM software services, and currently and currently defines himself in LinkedIn as "Independent at consultant". Chris was one of the first IBM solution architects exposed to the event processing technologies early on, when we did proof of concepts with Amit, and was member of the evaluation committee we have done for the IBM Software Group Architecture Board, that was one of the milestones in the decision to get into this area. Chris' article briefly explains the concept of high availability and describe the specific solution. Enjoy!

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