Tuesday, July 12, 2011

DEBS 2011 tutorial day

The first day of the DEBS conference is traditionally the tutorials day.  There was a relatively large number of participants that attended this tutorials.  I have listened to one tutorial given by Nenad Stojanovic and Pedro Bizzaro on the event processing grand challenge set in Dagstuhl, May 2010.  I think that while all the ingredients are there, there still need to be some thinking about phrasing it in the grand challenge way, of an ambitious measurable goal.    The second tutorial I attended (as a captive audience) was the tutorial that I presented together with Tali Yatzkar-Haham.    I'll post this tutorial slides on slideshare, and write more about it within the next few days. Our tutorial covered the various issues of non-functional properties of event processing; there was some interesting discussion on several topics, like correctness, usability in general and transactional properties of event processing.    Tomorrow the main part of the conference starts.  More - later

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