Monday, July 11, 2011

Welcome to DEBS'11

After a year-long preparations, DEBS'11 is sailing out this morning.  I have arrived yesterday to the USA, and now writing from the  Westchester Marriott hotel in Tarrytown, which ACM selected as the hotel of residence for the conferences's participants.   The conference itself will take place in the IBM Research headquarter in Yorktown Heights.   

I am general chair of this conference, which meant a lot of work;  the local organization chairs who took care of all logistics - Bugra Gedik and Gabriela Jacques Da Silva, have done excellent job, so hopefully everything will be smooth.    

Looking forward to meet a lot of all friends, and some new ones,  it seems that the event processing research community is growing, and that there will be quite a lot of industrial participants as well.

Besides the "back office" work,  I'll have also some "front office" roles in the conference - starting today, I'll deliver a tutorial on non-functional properties of event processing, together with Tali Yatkar-Haham from my team, for her it will be the first participation in DEBS,  another person of the team Yagil Engel is planned to present here as well.     I'll also deliver one paper presentation in this conference (following Ella Rabinovich's thesis),  and have some speaking roles in the opening session and in the banquet.

Will be extremely busy days for me,  will also try to post some during the conference, I am sure it will also be covered by other bloggers (e.g. Paul Vincent).

More -later.

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