Tuesday, July 12, 2011

EPTS awards announced

DEBS'11 is quite a dense conference with a lot of activities,  the only free evening is the tutorials day evening, which we used to have a co-located EPTS meeting, whose primary focus has been to grant the EPTS awards.

I am copying the notification sent earlier to all EPTS members:

Today, at the EPTS session that took place in the evening of the DEBS'11 tutorial day in Yorktown Heights, NY.  EPTS announced its first series of EPTS awards.

Awards were given in two categories:    EPTS innovative application awards and EPTS innovative principles awards.  In each category two awards were granted.

The EPTS innovative application awards were granted  to:

  • Starview Technology for the work on Advanced Logistics and Planning Solutions - ALPSTM
  • Roberto Baldoni, Gregory Chockler and Giorgia Lodi for the work on CoMiFin

The EPTS innovative principles awards were granted to:
  • Hans-Arno Jacobsen and Mohammad Sadoghi for the work on BE-Tree: Boolean Expression-Tree
  • Elke Rundensteiner, Di Wang and Richard Ellison III for the work on Active Complex Event Processing
Congratulations to the winners,  and many thanks to all those who submitted award nominations, and to the EPTS award committee:  Alex Alves, Mani Chandy, Brenda Michelson, and Themis Palpanas.

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