Thursday, July 19, 2012

DEBS 2012 gong show -- event processing as key to immortality

Peter Pischer, who chaired the "gong show" in DEBS 2012 was looking for volunteers to give a "gong show" talk.  The gong show idea, borrowed from other conferences, and added to DEBS last year, is a forum to present futuristic, compelling ideas  (which not need to have scientific proof).   As Peter approached me in the break to see whether I would like to present, I thought about a past discussion I had with Rainer von Ammon about the singularity idea,  and devised a quick presentation on a topic I don't understand anything about...  I have uploaded the presentation to slideshare --   enjoy! 

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Rainer von Ammon said...

Here are some of my comments some time ago

Because you quoted me, but could be misunderstood