Wednesday, July 18, 2012

DEBS 2012 - our presentation on "basic proactive"

I have written before about the proactive event-driven paradigm that we are investigating in the last couple of years.   Today I have presented some new results in this area, the "basic proactive" model which provides end-to-end solution for a restricted type of applications with several characteristics.  The paper co-authors by Yagil Engel, Zohar Feldman and myself is in the proceedings (will probably be in the ACM digital library soon).   The presentation can be found on slideshare.

Since there has been a slight delay in the schedule, the session chair allowed only 2 questions, one by Alex Buchmann who wondered whether it is wise to introduce new buzzword  like proactive, or position it otherwise.  I think that there are pros and cons, but the buzzword is already there and I'll write about it.
Adrian Paschke, who is interested in the formal aspects, remarked that classical logic will not be sufficient here since conclusions are uncertain and can be retracted.  I answered that we'll probably need non-monotonic logic, maybe combined with some kind of quantitative logic of uncertainty (such as probabilistic logic).  If somebody want to take the challenge and work on the formal model -- let  me know.

More -later. 

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