Monday, July 1, 2013

DEBS 2013 -- the tutorial day

Arlington Texas.

DEBS 2013 started today with the tutorials day.   In the morning I have attended a tutorial given by my IBM colleagues (past and present) members of the System-S team who gave a tutorial about stream optimizations.   The presentation was not posted yet -- so I'll write more when it does.   The interesting and useful concept they introduced is a catalog of optimization techniques along with the conditions when such an optimization might be applicable.   Some of the methods in the catalog are: operators reordering,  fusion, operator separation, and fission (defined as - replicate operator for parallel processing).     Very interesting talk.  As an observation, the talk covered "black box optimizations" - where the code of the operator itself is touched.   There are other efforts on "white box optimizations" like the one we presented in DEBS 2011

In the second half of the day - Jeff Adkins and myself presented our tutorial about event driven thinking.  
I'll write about it after the tutorial slides will become public.   

Tomorrow --  the first paper and industry sessions.   

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