Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Our DEBS 2013 tutorial: why is event-driven thinking different than traditional thinking about computing?

The tutorial that Jeff Adkins and myself delivered in DEBS 2013 yesterday is now posted on slideshare.  
Many of the participants reacted with further discussions.  The first take away we wanted to convey is described on this slide.   While the community continues to work on advancing the technology (which is fine!), the main challenge today is not the technology,  but making the paradigm shift in people's mind about 
event-driven thinking.  Indeed, experience shows that a typical developer when facing with an application which we classify as event-driven would tend to implement it in a traditional way:  treat the events as data, store them in a database, and process them in request/response mode.   The tutorial discusses the differences and explains the ontology of event-based system as we see it.  It also has a short description of our recent work around the "Event Model", on which I'll write more in the future.  

More about DEBS 2013  --- soon. 


Unknown said...

Hi Opher (and Jeff),

Does your 4D model (detect derive decide do) correspond to Boyd's OODA loop?

Opher Etzion said...

Hi Richard.

Th OODA loop is also event-driven by nature, there are some similarities and differences to the 4D model, which deserves a separate post, I'll write about it soon.