Wednesday, July 3, 2013

More impressions on the last two days in DEBS 2013

The social event of DEBS 2013 was a guided tour in the Dallas Cowboys stadium, and a dinner in a nearby restaurant.  Here are some subjective highlights from the last couple of days -- I captured some isolated points, not the entire picture:

1. An interesting paper on intra-query parallelism, which in my terminology is the optimization of a single event processing agent, after filtering-in only the relevant events.  This paper came from ETH Zurich.
2. Zohar Feldman - member of our own team gave a talk about "proactive event processing in action", discussing application in the logistic area, as part of the industrial session.
3. Another interesting talk in the industrial session was delivered by Mauricio Arango from Oracle -- on mobile QOS management using EP.   Seems that Oracle is advancing its spatial event processing.
4. The second keynote -- on smart grid platform by David Wollman from NIST,  talked about platforms, standards and challenges
5.  There are two topics I'll write in follow-up posts: the grand challenge session, and a paper about complex actions.