Sunday, November 13, 2011

Continuous event processing in Quartet FS

Continuing to survey additional product related to the event processing area, I came across Quartet,   this illustration is taken from Quartet FS' webpage.   Quartet FS advertises its product as "aggregation engine",  from the description it seems to be some incarnation of active database, where the OLAP cube is constantly updated, this variation is useful for some financial services applications.      I guess that we'll discover more event related products coming from different areas within different frameworks (in this case - OLAP/BI).

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woolfel said...

It's nice to see more people working on in-memory OLAP. Having used Microsoft Analysis Service for pre-trade compliance several years back, it's feasible to get "near real-time" using Analysis Service. Too bad their website doesn't say much about how their in-memory OLAP works with large datasets. The approach I took with my reactive MOLAP was to build it into an inference engine and make it a distributed in-memory MOLAP. The business rules and cubes detect when measures need to be recalculated and re-evaluated.

hopefully more vendors will make the leap to reactive MOLAP.