Saturday, November 19, 2011

On Steve Jobs' seven rules of success

I have written before about rules and commandments for intrapreneuring.   
This time I would like to bring my an1notated version of Steve Jobs' seven rules of success.  

1.Do what you love  This is probably the most important advice, I see too many people continue with the inertia,  it is always easier to continue then to change, one needs sometimes a courage to change, or to quote somebody else:  "if you get up in the morning and don't go to work with enthusiasm - go somewhere else".  I followed this rule several times in my life, will I have courage to follow it again if needed? 

2. Put a dent in the universe  When I was a beginning programmer in the Israeli Air-Force, and came to my commander with some radical ideas, his amused response was -- "our mission is not to change the world".   Most people think this way, however those who have ambition to change the world are those who have any chance to do it.   There are many pressures, especially today when Wall Street metrics governs the behavior of corporations - I am not sure how much I have succeeded so far to change the world, but it will always be the driving force behind what I am doing, and I try never to lose sight of it.

3. Make connections  The over-specialization of modern life make people narrowly focused. This is good for achieving expertise of a certain area, but making impact on the world requires making connections between seemingly not related things from various disciplines. To make connections one has to do two things:  be broad minded, and explore other areas, and connect with people whose expertise are in other areas and inspire them share the same goal.  None of these are easy.

4, Say no to 1,000 things  This is the art of focus on the right things, as one has finite amount of time and energy.  In Apple it was reduction in amount of products.   In the case of an individual -- try to focus the energy on a single goal, and fight temptations to do something else.  This is a rule that I am well aware, but must admit that I have not completely followed.

5, Create insanely different experiences  Any interaction with other persons is an experience.  Apple had its Apple stores providing different experience,  in the individual level -- the way things are presented and communicated is not less important than the content.  Always tend to (positively) surprise.

6. Master the message  I often see people who try to sell or deliver some message that they don't master, it is easy to confuse them with trivial questions, and their entire message seems confused.  Mastering the message is important, starting with the message to yourself,  if you cannot convince yourself you'll not convince others.

7. Sell dreams, not products  In the IT area, both the buyers and sellers are more interested  in how something fits the architecture, interfacing with other products, and other technical properties, then in what it really does and what is the benefit.      Selling dreams in form of -- let's imagine how you can improve the quality of your life or your business -- is better approach - which makes it necessary to understand the needs and psychology of the customer.

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