Friday, June 14, 2013

More on the acquisition of Apama by Software AG

One of the interesting questions about the acquisition of Apama by Software AG is what is the strategy of Software AG going forward in the event processing area, given that it has already acquired in the past an event processing technology from RTM which is named "WebMethods Business Events".
An article in COMPUTERWORLD attempts to shed light on this  issue, citing Stephen Ried from Forrester: "Apama and WebMethods Business Events complement each other; While the former RTM is really lightweight and can be embedded in many Software AG products to provide basic event communication capabilities, the Apama product is for those customers who like a dedicated business event management platform.".

According to this - there are two major use patterns.  Event processing as components embedded inside other products,  I have written before about the component approach to event processing, and indeed not every product needs all the event processing capabilities.  On the other hand, a full fledged event processing application require an event processing platform, optimized for performance metrics.

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