Tuesday, June 11, 2013

TIBCO acquires Streambase

The hot news of today in the event processing perspective is undoubtedly the acquisition of Streambase by TIBCO.   For some time I wondered when Streambase is going to be acquired and by whom as it stayed the largest independent event processing vendor.  Today in the world of merging and acquisitions, such companies are attractive to complement the portfolio of bigger vendors.   
Mark Palmer, Streambase CEO (until now) - announced the acquisition on Streambase's Blog, Mark also recorded a short message that can be found on Streambase's home page.   Chris Taylor described the acquisition from the TIBCO side.    Chris emphasized Streambase capabilities in the big data space.  
It is interesting to see how the "event processing portfolio" of TIBCO will evolve now, and how the synergy between Streambase and the existing event processing portfolio will be realized.
Anyway - interesting move, congratulations to my friends from both sides of this merge, and good luck! 

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