Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Singularity is getting nearer -- a controlled cockroach

In DEBS 2012 I participated in the "Gong Show" and presented a short presentation about event processing as part of the singularity vision (key to immortality).   Today, thanks to Rainer von Ammon, I noticed a cool project called RoboRoach, that is seeking crowdfunding.   There is a short video demonstrating its work.  In essence the cockroach has implant that based on BlueTooth controlled commands creates false sensing for the insect which effects its behavior.    We may say that the natural event processing system of the insect is modified by feeding false events.     The claim is that this technology can have implications on overcoming human neural and sensor handicaps.   Note that on the webpage describing it there is a keen discussion of comments with various types of rejections on moral grounds.   I am not joining this criticism, I think this is amazing scientific achievement with a potential to change life as we know them.   I keep tracking singularity related news.

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