Sunday, June 9, 2013

Proactive event processing for intelligent transportation system

I came across a new publication whose citation is: " Yongheng Wang, "A Proactive Complex Event Processing Method for Intelligent Transportation Systems," Lecture Notes on Information Theory, Vol.1, No.3, pp. 109-113, Sept. 2013. doi: 10.12720/lnit.1.3.109-113".   This paper is a follow-up to our work on proactive event-driven computing,  and applies events coming from the Internet of Things towards intelligent transportation system, proactively mitigating traffic congestion.  This work originates in China, who made Internet of Things as its flagship project.   We have looked at similar problem  as one of our use cases for EU project proposal (that did not win the lottery).



Rainer von Ammon said...

There are some more EU projects with similar ideas from the EASSy proposal in 2010, e.g. this one is also based on CEP, started 2011, and the half of the EASSy consortium are consortium members:-)

Toni said...

This is cool!