Monday, March 17, 2008

Relativity and Event-oriented thinking

You may be familiar with the magnificent masterpiece of Escher called "Relativity". We see relativity everywhere -- on Saturday I've called home from my hotel in Burlington (since then I've moved south, and now I am in Hawthorne, NY) and told my daughter that I am sitting in the hotel waiting for the snow to end, in order to get out, and she said -- "how lucky you are to see snow", I have not felt lucky to see the snow, in fact, it kind of disrupted some pans I had, but in the world of a person that lives in Haifa, snow is a rare thing that occurs once every 20 years for a short time, so it is an attraction. At some point in my past I have been teaching a basic AI course, and the teaching assistant has taught the students Lisp. I have looked at the end of the semester on Lisp code produced by students - some got it right and wrote pure recursive program, and some wrote code that looked like Fortran thinking in Lisp.
The same relativity exist when dealing with event-based applications. Some people understand how to construct such applications, while other people think in other paradigms like request-respond, and are trying to do some blend here. It is perfectly OK to do an hybrid approach, but this should be a result of careful design, and not by chance. Bottom line - we need a methodology for constructing event-based applications and tools to support it - this will somewhat different kind of thinking... more about this topic - later,