Saturday, June 30, 2012

James Taylor on top 10 excuses to avoid business rules

James Taylor has recently written series of posts in his Blog on 10 top excuses to avoid business rules.    These excuses are brought mainly from the IT people point of view, among them are: business users don't want it,  you want business user to program?, we're doing fine, we tried before and failed and more...
I wonder if these blogs are motivated by the author's observation that the business rules area doesn't get enough traction?   for each of the 10 excuses, James has a counter-argument.   I guess that the question here is more general about the ability of business users (= non programmers) to develop any type of  applications - in sense of expressing and customizing business logic.   Business rules is an instance of this.
I am looking for any research work about the success factors, approaches and limitations for this general questions -- will share insights when I'll have them.  More - later.