Thursday, April 11, 2013

Real-time fraud detection from IBM

IBM has recently published a Redbook on its solution in Real-time fraud detection. 
Fraud detection is a very important application, since every computerized system attracts people who attempt to hit the system.  While much of today's effort is dedicated to fraud in financial transaction systems, I guess that future efforts will be dedicated to those who are trying to sabotage your computerized car, or even bionic cells in your body.   The interesting fact about this IBM solution that two of the IBM products that participate in the solution are CICS and SPSS.   I worked a lot in SPSS during my first couple of years as a programmer in the Israeli air-force and this was in 1976.  At the same time CICS was used as the transaction processing system of the operational part of the air-force.   .   The SPSS modeler has a data-flow view from the family of event processing networks.  Interesting to see how old guys learn new tricks and handle very different applications relative to their original ones.