Thursday, February 18, 2010

On event processing components exchange

I haven't blogged for a while, hectic week is ending (our working week is Sunday - Thursday, so this is the evening of the last working day!). Meanwhile I have noticed that Streambase has declared "component exchange program", looking closer, this includes a collection of stuff, starting from Twitter adapter, and even including the Streambase implementation to our "Fast Flower Delivery" example. Very good idea. Now, the challenge is to have a global components exchange that is not specific to a single vendor. In my previous posting I have written about event processing building blocks, and having a building block exchange is the ultimate way to implement this idea, everybody will be able to mix and match building blocks. The inhibitor is the lack of standard. Let's say that I want to use two of the exchange components, and that one should send events to the other, then of course they need to agree on how event is being represented, writing adapters for each pair of components is not very appealing. Furthermore, if one develops an application out of various programmable components, one would want them to be speak the same language. So -- having an exchange around a single product is nice, having an exchange in the industry level will be even nicer. More -later.