Sunday, February 2, 2014

Revisiting the FFD example in the EPIA book - call for contributions

In 2009 when Peter Niblett and myself wrote the "Event Processing in Action" book we came with an example called "Fast Flower Delivery" that accompanied the book.   it seems that the book is still being used (it was cited so far 276 times),  one idea that came recently in discussions with the publisher is to refresh the implementation page.   We now issue a call for implementations.   All owners of event processing tool (commercial or open source) is called to show how this example is developed in their tool so the reader (and interested general audience) will be able to view it.   In order to qualify one has to create a webpage that contains - source code of the use case with any additional reference to the language and product behind it.  
The book's webpage will include links of all such solutions.  For more details -- please contact me.  
The full details are the FFD example are linked here.