Saturday, December 17, 2011

Some EP related news

Today I had some time to browse through some new staff on the web, related to event processing.  Here are some of the things I've found:

I noticed that Sidhhi has posted a presentation on Slideshare.   I have written before about this new event processing open source from Sri Lanka.   While comparison to Esper, as an open source is fine,  the presentation makes the impression that the state-of-the-art today is Esper and some academic prototypes.   There are of course many other things in the market -- my previous posting makes a reference to Paul Vincent's list.

Fujistsu announced that it has developed complex event processing technology designed for use with cloud technology that employs distributed and parallel processing. The picture about is taken from their announcement.  A new player? 

A new course to teach Microsoft StreamInsight is now available on the web.  The course is described in Richard Seroter's Blog, with a link to the actual course.  The course lasts for 4.5 hours,  I have looked at the beginning, seems to be a good one. 

More updates - later.