Saturday, October 27, 2012

StreamEPS from SGT - an open source event processing from Ghana

I was recently approached by a company that resides in Accra, Ghana called SoftGene Technologies,  which  has developed an open source event processing product called StreamEPS.   Looking closely at the description of the supported functionality, one can realize that this is an implementation that follows the EPIA book.  I'll write in a separate posting about the impact of the book in terms of follow-up works, it is quite interesting...
Softgene technologies describe itself as "Research-lead private company".  I like the definition, since I believe that much of the useful software is research lead. 

This also completes the continent coverage of people working in development event processing software.  
While there are quite a lot of software developed in Europe and North America.  There is now event processing software developed in Asia (Sri Lanka, Japan and Israel - that I know of), Australia, and Brazil.

If there are event processing related software developed in additional countries -- let me know and I'll survey in this Blog.