Friday, May 17, 2013

Prelude to the DEBS 2013 tutorial

The notable event of this week in our family was the wedding of our eldest daughter Anat. In the picture you can see Anat, her new husband Adi with my wife and myself, in fancy dresses.

It was also very loaded week at work, one of the items has been submitting extended abstract of the  tutorial that Jeff Adkins and myself are  planned to deliver in DEBS 2013.     So here is the tentative outline we submitted in the original proposal:

Topic I:  Introduction – Brief history of event processing  
Topic II:  The major differentiation factors of event-based thinking
Topic III:  The ontology of events and event influence
Topic IV:  Anatomy of reactive systems 
Topic V: Pragmatics – a computational independent model for event-based systems 

The tutorial starts with follows some of my previous postings about "event oriented thinking",   and Jeff's 4D classification.  It analyzes the way that people think about systems in the conventional way vs. the way people think in event-driven fashion, and gets into the role of events in language, and in system modeling.  
Unlike the implementation oriented thinking we usually employ -- this is a computational independent thinking, it looks at the event-based systems from the customer's perspective.     See (at least some of) you in Arlington.