Wednesday, March 20, 2013

getting back from New Zealand

I have not written in this Blog for over a month - I spent a relatively long vacation in New Zealand.  In the picture above you can see me in front of Huka Falls in the North island,  below it is a picture of Doubtful Sound, one of the fiords in the south island. 

New Zealand has many types of views -- beaches, fiords, alpine mountains, glaciers, rain-forests and more.
You can view a full album (actually two - one for the north island and one of the south island) in my facebook account (I made it public, you don't have to be my FB friend to view it).  

The people of NZ call themselves "kiwis" after a strange bird that they adore,  there is also a big effort, seen everywhere to restore some of the original ecology of NZ before the human race destroyed it when introducing foreign animals and trees.  

Got back a week ago and catching up on other things, and will resume professional blogging soon.