Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Summary of 2013 as reflected in this Blog

2013 is phasing out and this is a time to do a short summary via this Blog.

This year I have been abroad   times:  Two of them were vacation  - long one in New Zealand  (pictures on FaceBook) and very short one in Paris.  I have also  been twice in the USA (January and July), and attended DEBS 2013 in Arlington, Texas.   once in Luxembourg (for negotiation of 2 EU projects), once in Brussels (as reviewer for another EU project), once in Barcelona (for the ACM multimedia conference), and once in Hong Kong (for ER 2013).

The main activity in 2013 was around the event model, I explained some of the background early in the year, presented it first in ER 2013, and towards the end of the year we also produced YouTube  video clip.
We achieved a great progress in this front, and will see which shape and direction it will take. 

The most read post on this Blog this year was the post on comparison between S4 and Storm.  Some other well read posts were: causality vs. correlation  Web serviced triggered by SAP ESP,  Is Philosophy dead?  (an "off topic" post, but I have an academic degree in Philosophy in my record...). and "Event Model - what comes first, the logic model or data model?"

What is coming for me in 2014?  --   stay tuned!

One more thing:   This year I 'gained' a Wikipedia entry about me  (some revisions are needed, but according to Wikipedia rules, I am not allowed to update it)..  

Happy New Year.