Saturday, June 1, 2013

Academic use of event processing for trading education in UIC

I have written before about academic courses on event processing that are typically given in computer science or information systems academic programs.  Recently I came across a report on academic course in University of Illinois in Chicago, that is given in the Finance program of its business school using the  OneTick product.   The product is used for education in financial markets and trade simulation labs.  This is a case of use of event processing to support business functions, and it will be interested to view more of it, both in trade and other business areas.    

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Event processing in gaming: SAP and Bigpoint

Jeff Wooton from SAP posted on the SAP event processing blog a video clip showing a project done with Bigpoint, which is a gaming company, to get events from players in real-time and make offers to players based on their progress in the game and prediction of patterns of their behavior.   The solution is based on Hana, SAP in-memory technology, and I guess on their event processing technology also, though the video does not give much details about the actual implementation. The goal is to maximize profit by personalize sells to game players.   Event processing has various applications in game playing, as game has event-driven behavior nature, and also in dynamic personalization, which is applicable to other areas as well.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

More on fraud detection from IBM - the MoneyGram case

I have recently written about real-time fraud detection solution from IBM based on SPSS and CICS. 
Another solution from IBM in the fraud detection space has been recently highlighted by David Luckham in his site citing a Forbes article.   This solution is based on the "Entity Analytics" solutions (specifically the Infosphere Identity Insights product.    David Luckham comments "that are a lot of CEP under the hood of  this stuff".  This is true.    After the acquisition of SRD by IBM, our team in IBM Haifa Research Lab helped integrating our work on Amit as embedded part in the Entity Analytics -  (see the DEBS 2010 presentation by Ella Rabinovich on Industry Experience with Amit - slide 3).   This integration seems to have survived all these years and being employed for useful purposes. 

In any event,  there are many solutions in which event processing is integrated with other technology to create specific solution, and we can see alliances between event processing technology and other technology in this area.