Thursday, February 24, 2011

DEBS 2011 submission deadlines have been extended

This is the revised logo of DEBS 2011,  the conference's webmaster, Darko Anicic, noticed that the dates are wrong (when designing the logo we did not take into consideration the PhD workshop which is part of the conference).

Anyway -- the program chairs announced today on a one week extension, due to some requests.
The new deadlines are:  March 7 for abstracts and March 14 for full submissions.
These apply for the research, industry and tutorial tracks.

This will give opportunity to those who still hesitate to submit!

SAP BuisnessObjects Event Insight was launched

The news of this week which I got in multiple copies from multiple sources is the launch of a product called SAP BusinessObjects Event Insight, the SAP website that describes this product exhibits the picture I have copied here, probably a business person (by the dress) that get some event insights by phone, and looks happy about these insights.    The product is probably a descendant of Aleri, which purchased Coral8, and later sold its assets to Sybase, which in turn was purchased by SAP.  It is interesting to note that it is branded as "BusinesObjects" which is another SAP acquisition of a French BI company.  This shows that SAP positions event processing as part of BI suite, which follows one of the current trends.     When we started the event processing community meetings in 2006 one of the participants said that event processing will hit the mainstream of computing when all the four big software companies -- IBM, Oracle, Microsoft and SAP will have products in this area.   With this product launch, SAP joins the three others who are already there, along with some of the medium size software companies Progress and TIBCO.     While all the "big dogs" are there, I think that there is also a place in the ecosystem to small companies and startups that will go for either niche requirements or domain specific products.  It is also conceivable that small companies will create disruptive technologies that will take us to further generations -- meanwhile, greetings to those behind the project, hope to be able to learn more about it.