Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A glance on ActivePivot by Quartet FS

I came across a video presentation entitled "ActivePivot Sentinel: Go beyond the boundaries of Complex Event Processing" ,  it seems that it describes an operation intelligence system.   I have tried to understand in what sense it goes beyond the boundaries of complex event processing.  I guess that one of the main features   that they outline as "beyond" is the ability to visually analyze what caused this event,  a kind of provenance.   
While I have not seen the implementation,  the ideas are somewhat included in the view on event processing that was published as "event processing manifesto".   Of course, viewing the details might reveal novel features. 

In any event, it is interesting to see more players in this space; viewing the company's website,  it seems that they have activities in financial services, eCommerce and logistics; the website also features analysis of frequency of words associated in Tweets about the two USA presidential candidates, updated incrementally.