Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Revisiting the Blog ** 2 again

I have never been in Arkansas, and in return - nobody from Arkansas have ever read my Blog - not surprisingly. What is surprising is that in the rest of the USA states (with the exception of North Dakota) have people who live there, or at least visited there and have read this Blog.
I have done some investigation on - who reads this Blog, when the Blog has hit 1000 distinct readers. I have decided to re-visit the statistics if the Blog ever hits 3000 readers - when I checked it this morning I found out 3217 distinct readers, so it is a good time to look at some statistics, actually this number is quite surprising, since I don't really think that there are so many people interested in this, and indeed some are probably passing by in the Internet roads, however the statistics show that around 45% returned more than one time. Moreover 569 people has visited the Blog more than 50 times (172 of them more than 200 times, where the number of Blog postings did not reach 100 yet), so I guess that this is provide the size of the community who really reads the material.
From Geographical point of view, it seems that I still writing mostly for the USA readers - 1530 distinct readers (almost half of the readers). In number of accesses - USA is the first, UK second, Israel third followed by- Japan, Thailand, Canada, India, France, Spain and Germany. However, when looking at the number of "distinct readers" - it is somewhat different order -- USA is still first and UK still second, but here Canada is third followed by - India, Israel, Germany, France, Australia, Holland and Sweden. There is coverage of all continents - some of our neighbors - "the Palestinian Territory" that does not have map yet in Google analytics, so I don't know where exactly, Egypt, Lebanon, Lybia and Iran are all represented. from South America - almost all access are from Brazil, some sporadic ones from other countries. In Africa - South Africa and some countries in the north - but also - Sudan, Kenya and Uganda. Also coverage of almost all countries in Europe and Asia - total 92 countries. As far as cities - the three big cities, in number of accesses are: Petach-Tikwa (in Israel), London and Bangkok;
the big cities in number of distinct readers are: London, New York City and Bangalore.
The biggest source of reference is Google in various ways, followed by other Blogs like - the CEP Blog, TIBCO's Blog and Rulecore's Blog and from David Luckham's site
The most popular postings were:
1. Agnon, the dog, playing and downplaying in which I stated the opinion that Business Rules are a possible way to implement CEP, but not the only way - which lead to several more postings investigating the relationships.
2. On Event stream Processing in which I stated my controversial opinion that the term "event stream processing" does not represent anything interesting, and the person invented it, Mark Palmer, thinks it should go away.
3. On the mythical event per second in which I stated that "event per second" really means nothing outside the context of a specific benchmark. I have dedicated more postings to this issue.
4. On bitter pills , a recent posting that answered Tim Bass' criticism about the state of the EP market, provided more optimistic view (followed by some constructive assertions in the next posting).
It seems that the popular ones are the macro-level - but I'll continue from time to time also to write on micro-level things, since it seems to have its audience also. The most popular to those who got through search engines were related to XTP and context terms - so I need to get back to them also.
So - thanks to all the readers -- more event processing related postings - later.