Saturday, November 16, 2013

On ER 2013

This week I have spent several days in Hong Kong attending the ER 2013 conference.  I have attended this conference several times before, but not recently, and came back due to the fact that I have renewed interest in conceptual modeling due to my work on event modeling.    It was interesting to observe what are the key topics today in conceptual modeling research.    The keynote speakers by  David Embley. Surajit Chauduri and Marie-Aude Aufaure have all dealt with conceptual modeling in big data, enterprise analytics and business intelligence, so this seems to be the key interesting topics. Other topics were the classic topics like: business process modeling, data semantics, and ontology based modeling.     Conceptual modeling has contributed as means of providing abstractions over computing and data, where modeling play a vital role in the current IT industry, moreover, we see standards emerging in various areas such as BPMN and recently DMN.   You can look at the conference program to get a feeling on the various presentation.   This was my 5th visit in Hong Kong over the last 9 years and this place has its own charm.   

Thursday, November 14, 2013

The event model - first exposure

Yesterday,at the ER 2013 conference in  Hong Kong, I have delivered a tutorial whose title was "modeling in the event-driven world".   This has been a first exposure of the work we have been doing entitled "the event model"  The main motivation behind this work is the observation that the next frontier in the event processing area is not to provide, but to overcome the complexity of event processing logic.   The main idea is to raise the center of gravity from the code level to the modeling level and aspire for radical simplification and making event processing logic accessible to larger audiences.  I'll write a series of blog posts around this model in the next few weeks.   
For a start - anybody who is interested in this topic can look at the tutorial's slides on Slideshare.


More - later.