Monday, April 18, 2011

On predictive and proactive processing

Recently, there was a notification about IBM Research project, from the Almaden Research Center, that deal with prediction of traffic jams.  Prediction of traffic jams is always useful,  as you don't want to get caught by surprise,   this afternoon we are going to celebrate the holiday in the traditional family "Passover Seder".  The radio already predicts that all routes will be loaded,  which is good to prepare yourself for a long stay on the road, but don't help much in resolving it.    Prediction is an important step, but to complete the loop we need also the proactive behavior, in which one can also do something about it.    The proactive solution may be to go via another route, which may not be helpful today - since all roads will be jammed.   Anyway - the ability to predict future events is a key aspect in proactive computing, and they are used as a basis for proactive decisions. 

Going also tomorrow morning for a few days vacation in Barcelona.   Back - next week.