Friday, December 11, 2009

On EPIA Website

The Event Processing In Action book that Peter Niblett and myself are writing is getting to the last phase before getting to production. We have finished a full draft that is now going to through the publisher's review system. The book has a closely related website that is intended to enable the readers to have hands-on experience of the concepts described in the book using representatives of the various programming styles that exist within the state of the practice.
This is done by having a single example implemented in all these languages. Some of these implementations already exist on the website, some have just "placeholders" as reference to a site. Most allow downloading the software, and some using the "software as a service" model in a cloud. Six languages are already referred on the site, more will be added soon for example IBM's Websphere Business Events.

The website is being prepared by a group of students, and is now exposed for public review.
This is a first version, probably much to improve. So comments are appreciated.

This is a link to the website.
The website is hosted in the book section if the EPTS website.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Congratulations to John Bates on becoming Progress CTO

It seems that this is a week for congratulating colleagues from the event processing community.
This time, I would like to congratulate John Bates, Apama founder, and one of the notable persons in the event processing community who became Progress CTO

The Logo below is of a UK based Commonwealth Telecommunication Organisation, but in our context the meaning of CTO is, of course, Chief Technology Officer (John is indeed from UK, but in the last few years cross the ocean).

The fact that one of the leading figures in the event processing industry becomes a CTO of a larger software company is an indication of both John's personal qualities as well as the growing importance of event processing technology in the general software industry. I wish John a lot of success in his new role.