Saturday, December 5, 2009

On World Economic Forum 2010 technology pioneers

Today I wish to congratulate my colleagues from Streambase for being recognized by the World Economic Forum as "2010 technology pioneer".

The area of event processing is still evolving and has a lot of innovative people and companies, while there are other innovators in this area, Streambase is certainly an innovative company and among the first wave of products in this area. They deserve a salute for this recognition.

It is also a good sign for the recognition of the event processing area, as one of the areas that deserved being mentioned as one of those with highest impact on the world economy.

Monday, November 30, 2009

More on the EPIA upocming book

I have written before that I am a science fiction fan, and out of the (relative) young generation of the science fiction writer, there are some writers I find as very creative in ideas. One I've written before about was Rob Sawyer, this time I am reading in my spare time Brandon Sanderson's book: Warbreaker. I have read some of the other books of Brandon Sanderson, and this one find this with many creative ideas. All his books are highly recommended if you like this genre. Anyway, I did not write in this Blog last week, actually took a few day off to work on the EPIA book.

We now have all chapters of the book ready in a draft form !!!, several of them are still in cleaning phase, we will send them to another set of reviewers (Manning is champions of reviews, it did a review on the outline, and three reviews during the book), and will hand out the final copy sometimes in January, so the target is to have the book out around the end of April.

The new stuff in the book -- some of it are revisions: adding a section about the relationships of event processing to other stuff, and adding code samples from various products in different chapters, some of it is new, a new chapter about implementation issues: programming styles (based on the DEBS languages tutorial), non functional requirements, performance metrics and optimization kinds. We are also advancing with the book's Website. I'll write more about selected parts of the book later.