Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Waters special report on CEP (sponsored by Apama)

Waters published a special report sponsored by Apama (in transition from Progress Software to Software AG),   I wanted to copy one of their figures, but they had "no copy" notice, thus I've posted some cool picture of water instead.   
The report views the Apama view on the event processing use in financial markets and include some articles contributed by the Apama guys, and some articles by financial market people.   It is interesting to note their audience polls.  They don't specify exactly who the audience is, but they probably refer to financial market  organizations.    
Some highlights:

14.9% of the organizations are using single CEP platform,  25.5% prefer to use their own solutions, and 44.7% use mix of their own code and platforms.     I guess that in other industries the percent is somewhat lower both in use of event processing and in use of COTS products. 

Risk and compliance became the major reason to use real-time analytics based on event processing, while the front office trading is second.  We see risk and compliance taking its place as a major type of event processing application with the move to continuous applications.   

Performance is again the major criterion for event processing (with the "big data" trend) and ease of development is second.